Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Massage – One Step Beyond

It may not be for everyone, but it is absolutely perfect for those who appreciate the delicate beauty and sensuality of women’s feet. If you love women’s feet, you will love the Foot Fetish Massage at Chloe Tantric London, and so do I. This is a unique and special touch experience for those with this particular and heightened¬†interest.

When you arrive at my comfortable and quiet apartment for your Foot Fetish Massage, I will be ready for you, wearing high heels. If you would like me to be wearing stockings or tights, or even simply have naked legs and bare feet, just let me know in advance – the choice is yours, or I will be happy to surprise you if you would prefer. I have beautiful legs and delicate feet which I love to show off. We will spend some time relaxing and getting to know each other, and you can tell me what you like. I will then invite you to take a shower before joining me in my bedroom which will be softly lit with candles and have relaxing music playing in the background.

I will get fully undressed and sit on the edge of the bed while you kneel in front of me and take off my shoes. You will take my feet in your hands and caress and stroke them gently. You may also want to lick my feet and even suck my toes – yes please! After a while I will ask you to move onto the bed. You will lie on your back and I will sit between your legs facing you so that I can rest my feet on your chest and even touch your face. I will apply warm massage oil to your body and then gently begin to massage your chest, arms and stomach with my feet, rubbing up and down. Occasionally I will stretch my legs up towards your face and let you lick my feet and toes. As you become more and more aroused, I will move myself down so that I can massage your thighs. With the warmth of the oil on my feet I will begin to touch your most intimate area; around, above and below, seemingly by accident at first, but then with more and more determined focus until I have your complete attention and you are fully aroused. I will then place my feet either side of your aroused part, squeeze it gently but firmly, and start to move my feet up and down in a slow but deliberate rhythm. I will take my time, building up the erotic tension and taking you to the height of sensual stimulation until you can no longer contain yourself and your body overflows with explosive energy all over my feet.

After your energy has dissipated and you have had time to relax and recover, you will be able to take a warm, cleansing shower before getting dressed.

Foot Fetish Massage in one of the specialist massage services offered by Chloe Tantric London, and can be uniquely tailored to accomodate your own particular tastes and preferences, just let me know. If you would like to book an appointment for this very personal and deeply erotic experience or if you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact me directly by phone or WhatsApp on 07930290698. I am available for both incall and outcall massage appointments within Central London.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon.

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