Mutual Massage

Massage You, Massage Me. A Mutual Pleasure

If you’ve enjoyed the pleasure of a Tantric Massage on one or more occasions in the past, you will know what an amazing, rewarding and deeply sensual experience it can be.

However, if you’ve ever dreamt of something a little more “hands-on”, something that enables you to enjoy the pleasure of giving as much as receiving, then a Mutual Massage might be the perfect choice for you. A Mutual Massage will provide you with all of the stimulation, thrill, excitement and ultimate reward of a Tantric Massage, but with an extra special added dimension; the opportunity to touch your beautiful masseuse as well as look.

A Mutual Massage will begin like any regular Tantric Massage. You will come to my quiet and comfortable apartment, or I will come to your home or hotel room if you have booked an outcall appointment. We will first sit together and get to know each other a little. Then, when you are ready you will take a warm and relaxing shower. I will then invite you into the bedroom, which will be softly lit with candles, and you will lie down on the bed. I will get fully undressed, apply warm oil to your body and mine, and begin to massage you – gently at first, but becoming more and more intense.

At a certain point, and before I take you beyond the point of no return, our roles will be reversed, and it will be your turn to touch me. I will lie down on the bed in front of you and you will pour warm essential oil on to my delicate, silky skin and begin to massage me. I love the sensation of gentle hands touching and caressing my naked body and you will be able to explore my body from head to toe. At any time I will be ready and willing to teach, guide and encourage you to perfect your technique and touch me in just the right way, although I have to warn you that I might get totally lost and carried away by the sensual intensity of the experience. I adore being massaged and you will be in control of my pleasure.

When you have finished massaging me and I am totally relaxed, we will change roles once again and it will be my turn to continue massaging you. By now you will be fully aroused and all of your senses will be in a heightened state, but I will continue to tantalize and tease you. I will take my time to slowly build up the erotic tension in your body until you eventually overload and reach the highest peak of ecstasy.

Once the massage is over, I will leave you to rest and relax a little before you take a refreshing shower and get dressed. A Mutual Massage session with Chloe Tantric will usually last an hour, but can be longer if you wish, giving you more time to be “hands on” and enjoy the experience.

So, if you would like to book an appointment for the most erotic Mutual Massage in London or discuss your specific requirements, please call or WhatsApp on 07930 290698.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and sharing the secrets of erotic massage with you in person.

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