Naked Massage

Pure Naked Pleasure

When I am naked, I feel like a Goddess. I love my naked body, but nothing is better than the unique sensations of one naked body in close and intimate contact with another. At Chloe Tantric London, I offer a wide range of naked massage services focused around tantric, sensual and erotic massage techniques, which allow me to show off and share my natural, naked beauty. A naked massage is a very special, personal and private experience. You should choose your masseuse carefully. Let me give you an idea of what to expect if you choose to book a naked massage experience with Chloe Tantric London.

You will arrive at my quiet and comfortable London apartment, which is located close to Paddington. We will sit down close together and take some time to get to know either other a little. Once you are ready, I will invite you to take a shower to wash away the thoughts of the day and prepare yourself for the pleasure to come. After your shower I will lead to into my bedroom where you will lie down on my bed. The bedroom will be warm and welcoming, lit by candlelight and with gentle soothing music playing in the background. As you make yourself comfortable on the bed, I will get undressed, revealing my naked beauty before I come and join you.

I will begin by pouring warm essential oil onto you back and legs before starting to massage your muscles with my delicate hands. From time to time, as the massage proceeds, my hand will slip between your legs, reaching down to caress you gently, even reaching under you, before letting an oiled finger slowly run all the way up between your buttocks. This will be an electrifying, fleeting touch but, depending on the type of massage you have chosen, there will be the opportunity to probe much deeper if that is what you desire. I will take a moment to make sure I am fully covered in oil before lowering myself down onto you and sliding my body up and down yours. You will feel my warm skin against yours, you will hear my shallow breathing close to your ear, you will smell my intoxicating perfume mixed with the natural aroma of my naked body and you will become very aroused.

After a while I will invite you to turn over onto your back. You will now be able to admire my beautiful, naked body, glistening in the soft candlelight. You will be able to gaze upon my firm breasts and the seductive curves of my body as I lean over you and start to caress your chest. Slowly I will work my way down, across your stomach towards your more sensitive area. As I move down, your breathing will become shallower as you anticipate what is to come. You will feel my hand brush against your most intimate part, teasing you before I eventually take you firmly in my hand. I will then start with a slow but deliberate rhythm with the warm oil allowing my hand to slip smoothly up and down the entire length of your shaft. All the time I will be sensing your reaction and adjusting my speed, grip and pressure to sustain your pleasure for as long as possible. But eventually the slow build-up of tension in your body will become too much, the sensation of pleasure almost overwhelming until you reach a final, all-consuming, explosive climax.

I will leave you to rest and recover for a little while before you take a refreshing shower and get dressed. But even after you have left me, the memory of the experience we shared will stay with you for a very long time. It will seem like an amazing, erotic dream, at least until the next time you come and see me.

To experience the sensual pleasure of my beautiful naked body against yours for real, all you have to do is call, text or WhatsApp me on 07930 290698 and book your erotic Naked Massage with Chloe Tantric London today.

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