Nuru Massage Experience

Sexy, Slippery Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage is one of the most unique and erotic massage services that I offer at Chloe Tantric London. Originating from ancient Japan, Nuru Massage uses a very special, organic gel derived from natural Nori seaweed which is rich in minerals and an effective moisturiser. However, far more importantly, it enables deliciously friction-free body to body skin contact. While normal massage oil is absorbed by the skin, nuru gel covers the body in a super slippery coating, which is where the sexy fun really begins…

When you arrive for your appointment at my quiet and comfortable London apartment, located between Bayswater and Paddington, we will take some time to sit down, chat and maybe have a drink as we get to know each other. When you are ready to begin, I will invite you to take a shower; an essential step before a Nuru Massage. With your body still a little wet we will move into my bedroom. The room will be warm and welcoming, lit with soft candlelight and with soothing, relaxing music playing in the background. Everything will have been well prepared, ready and waiting for your visit, including me!

You will first lie down on your stomach and I will begin to pour the nuru gel onto your body, taking the time to gently massage your muscles as I do so. When you are fully covered, I will start on myself, pouring and spreading the nuru gel over my naked body; chest, arms, stomach, thighs and my breasts. This is now the moment you have been eagerly waiting for – and a Nuru Massage is such an erotic massage that your patient anticipation will be richly rewarded.

I will begin by slowly lowering my body down onto your back so that I am lying full length on top of you. The warm, super slippery nuru gel will allow me to glide and slide effortlessly up and down your body, up and down with perfect friction-free, skin-to-skin contact. You will feel every inch of my beautiful, naked body touching yours. After a while I will turn around and lie down again, but this time so that we are back to back. Again, the slippery nuru gel will let me slide slowly up and down, creating the most exquisite and erotic sensations as I tease you and please you with the curves my body.

Half way through the massage, I will pause and ask you to turn over onto your back. At this point your imagination will start to run wild, and with good reason! I will apply nuru gel to the front of your body, carefully making sure that I cover everything and don’t miss any important parts! I will also make sure that my naked body is still completely coated. Then I will slowly lower myself back down onto you and begin to slide – only this time my body will be in direct contact with your most sensitive parts. You will feel my breasts, stomach and inner thighs as I slide provocatively up and down your entire body, with my weight pressing down on you. It will feel amazing, highly charged and very, very sexy. The erotic tension in your body will now start to rise dramatically. Your breathing will become shallow, you will tilt your head back, close your eyes and groan in ecstasy. As I feel the reaction of your body to mine becoming stronger and stronger, I will maintain the rhythm, sliding up and down, up and down, until the tension in your body builds to the point of no return, your muscles tense and you reach the most all-consuming, deeply satisfying and explosive finale.

Once we have finished, I will gently wipe you down and leave you to relax for a little while. When you are ready you will then be able to take a refreshing, cleansing shower and get dressed – satisfied, fully reinvigorated and already looking forward to your next Nuru Massage with me.

Nuru Massage in just one of a range of erotic massage services that I offer at Chloe Tantric London. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements or to make a booking for this or any other Tantric Massage service, please call me, text or WhatsApp on 07930 290 698. I very much look forward to hearing from you and sharing an unforgettable, erotic massage experience with you. I can promise you that your first time with Chloe Tantric London won’t be your last.

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