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Tantric massage is a unique combination of time and touch leading to the deepest experience of pleasure.

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Tantric massage has its origins in ancient Buddist and Hindu mysticism and is said to date back as far as 5AD. Tantra

originated as a form of meditation to reach a higher level of spirituality through a focus on sensuality. Tantric massage is a physical application of the tantra philosophy as a way to provide intense pleasure to both the mind and the body. While forms of tantric massage may vary across different parts of Asia, they are all based on the same tantra principles. In more recent times, Tantric massage became very popular in the West in the late 1960’s where it was associated with the “free love” movement.

At its heart, tantric massage involves touch and sensual stimulation to channel sexual energy throughout the body and achieve a higher level of consciousness. Tantric massage is an extremely erotic form of massage which celebrates sexuality and helps lead to greater intimacy, sexual satisfaction and contentment.

The tantric masseuse uses therapeutic and sensual massage techniques, including a body to body massage, to slowly generate arousal, prolonging the pleasure and drawing the whole body up to an emotional and physical climax, before soothing the body down to a state of complete satisfaction, peace, relaxation and wellbeing. As such, tantric massage helps to rebalance the body’s energies and restore harmony between the mind, body and spirit.

Tantric massage is a unique combination of time and touch leading to the deepest experience of pleasure. It is not an experience to be rushed, but rather to be savoured and enjoyed.

Types Of Tantric Massage