Tempting Tantric Massage

Tempting Tantric Massage

I have always loved the pure simplicity of giving a tantric massage. It may be the least elaborate massage that I offer, but in many ways, that makes it the best. Let me describe the tempting tantric massage that you could enjoy with me.

A tantric massage is the very essence of what sensual and erotic massage is all about – time, relaxation, arousal, excitement. It is the quintessential massage experience, and I am an expert tantric masseuse.

At Chloe Tantric London, there is nothing basic about my tantric massage. You will come and meet me at my quiet and comfortable apartment, or I will come to you at your London residence or hotel. We will spend some time getting to know each other and you will let me know if you have any particular preferences. You will find that the very act of talking in such intimate terms can be deeply arousing itself. All the time, the temperature will be rising as you contemplate the prospect of my beautiful, naked body giving pleasure to yours.

When you are ready, I will invite you to take a refreshing shower (or if you book an Aqua Massage, I will even join you!). I will then lead you into my bedroom which will be warm and welcoming, bathed in soft candlelight with relaxing music playing in the background.

I will ask you to lie face-down on the bed while I slip out of my bra and panties to fully reveal my beautiful naked body. I will then knee down next to you, start applying warm essential oil to your body and begin to massage your neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. I can be as hard or as soft as you like, but as the massage progresses, my fingers will gently start to caress your more sensitive areas. After a while I will pause and apply the warm oil to my own naked body – all over my stomach, chest and especially my breasts. I will then lower myself down onto you and start to slide up and down the full length of your back. This is a deeply erotic experience as you feel my breasts sliding over your body and my hot breath on your neck. We will be so very close.

I will then ask you to turn over and begin to massage your chest, arms and legs. But, step by step, and with delicious anticipation, my attention will slowly start to focus on your most intimate parts – gently caressing, squeezing, rubbing, teasing. As you become harder, so my attention will become more intense. Depending on what you would prefer, I will slowly bring you to the peak of orgasm with the firm grip of my hands or by sliding up and down your body until you explode in ecstasy between us. Either way I promise you an orgasm to remember!

Once you have had time to recover you will be able to cool off with a cleansing shower and get dressed – satisfied, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Have I tempted you? I do hope so! If you would like to join me for a tempting tantric massage, then please call me or WhatsApp me on 07930 290698 to book a massage experience you won’t forget. I can’t wait to meet you.

Chloe x

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